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Welcome to the
Post Storm Survey Homepage

Hello! We are a group of six St. Cloud State University meteorology students who comprise the Post Storm Survey team. We’re sort of like the Justice League, but without the bulging muscles or super powers.

The objective of this Post Storm Survey (PSS) will be to gain insight
into decision-making related to hazardous winter weather.  This
information will be vital for the weather forecasting community in
learning to better communicate the threat of hazardous weather. The
responses to this survey will be kept confidential, and will be used
to help improve winter weather forecasts. This research is one of the critical tools in bridging the gap between the weather community and users.


How Does it Work?

After a winter weather event occurs that requires any type of “warning” issued by the National Weather Service, a PSS team member will activate a link to the survey on the PSS homepage. Then, once a survey has been activated for 3 days following a storms end, it will be taken off the PSS homepage by a PSS team member. If there are no surveys available to take, the site will state to check back after the next storm.


Can I Take the Survey?

The survey will be available online after a winter storm ends for anyone to take at. The survey has been designed to be completed in just a few minutes. Simply click the link that pertains to the winter weather event that affected you. The survey will be active for 3 days after a winter storm. A link to this site will be found on numerous weather related websites that have partnered with the project. This site is managed by St. Cloud State University and will be updated regularly as new winter storms affect the upper Midwest.


*** To access survey please click tab on left ***



**This survey does not constitute an endorsement by the National Weather Service of any information, products or services within this project**


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